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Cornwall Food board game

Cornwall Food board game

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Cornwall Food edition board game based on the illustrated map of Cornwall. All the challenges to moving forward in the game are related to Cornish delicacy, from the iconic Pasty to the Stargazy pie, through the Saffron cake or the Yarg cheese. A culinary journey through the County, discovering all the most famous dishes.
The aim is to get first to Lands End and during the race, the players will get introduced to Cornish life, looking at the most famous landmarks, learning Cornish words and facing fun and interactive challenges related to Cornish food. Bring a piece of Cornwall into your home​ with this tasty family game!

The compact board game is plastic free, designed and made in the UK using just paper and wood, for 2 to 5 players aged 4+

The game is printed on smooth and thin paper to be foldable as a map.

Content of the pack:

1 A3 board (420x297mm unfolded size, 148.5x210 mm folded size)
1 wooden dice
5 wooden counters
Please note that the colours of the wooden pieces (dice and counters) may vary.

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